M+D ProHealth Assessment

Does your back or neck pain require surgery or advanced orthopaedic physical therapy? Would quicker access to a diagnosis and intervention prevent financial loss and stress? M+D ProHealth Assessment was developed and researched by Dr. Brett Dunlop and Laurie McLaughlin as a collaborative triaging/ healthcare navigation assessment service in Hamilton, Ontario that quickly guides patients suffering from low back pain and/or disc related problems to the most appropriate form of treatment.

ProActive Education

ProActive Education is one of Canada's leading sources of education for physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals. Courses are taught on site in Oakville, throughout North America and in Europe; Laurie McLaughlin teaches locally in Oakville and Internationally on topics including advanced assessment and treatment techniques, manual therapy/manipulation, breathing re-education, and the fascial system, and hosts renowned international instructors such as Diane Lee, Paul Hodges, Jackie Whittaker, Lorrimer Moseley and David Butler.

ProActive Health

Does your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, or other body injury affect your work capacity or prevent you from leading an active lifestyle? Visit ProActive Health; a unique specialty orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy clinic serving Oakville, Toronto area, Hamilton, and the Golden Horseshoe. Laurie McLaughlin’s team of highly qualified clinicians provide one on one treatment and will collaborate together on challenging cases to provide you with the best outcome.

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